Those four little words can send your world into a whole new direction.

Perhaps you've taken a pregnancy test and the result was negative.
Could you still be pregnant?
Pregnancy tests aren't always accurate.

We can provide you with the information, practical help and the facts you deserve about all your choices.
We exist to serve you and we can help in so many ways.

Life Choice offers free, medical quality pregnancy tests, the accurate information you deserve and loving friendship
during this critical period in you life.

All of our services are complimentary and completely confidential.
We are here to listen. We are here to help.  You are not alone.

Call us at our Aiken SC location  803-649-9890 or

our Beech Island, SC location 803-380-1154

You are not alone.  We understand that it's hard to think clearly when you may be facing an unplanned pregnancy. You may be experiencing fear, anger and confusion. 

You are facing difficult decisions and you deserve to be fully informed.  We can provide you with the imformation you need.


Your girlfriend may be pregnant. You are a part of this as well and you are not alone. You may be experiencing fear, confusion and we're sure you have lots of questions. You too deserve accurate information.

Want to sit down guy-to-guy with someone that has had the same experience? Call us to make an appointment.

Struggling with past decisions?  Are you feeling guilt, sadness or emotional hurt?
We want you to be at peace. 
We want to give you the freedom to heal. 
We want to help you create a bright future.
We want to help.

We offer loving counseling in a confidential and safe atmosphere.



Have questions about sex? Considering having sex can bring alot of questions. We offer accurate information.


So what about dating?  What's the big deal? Let's talk about:







"I've been there." Listen to others who have been there and faced the challenges of an unplanned pregnancy.

  • Being a teen Mom or Dad